Milestone Watch
Tuesday, 5/15/2076
Batting Milestones
Milestone HitsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
L. Gonzalez36PIT3000 Hits2959 Hits41 Hits
G. Rasmussen37CHA3000 Hits2812 Hits188 Hits
C. Ordoņez36SDN2500 Hits2417 Hits83 Hits
A. Gonzalez37SEA2500 Hits2412 Hits88 Hits
R. Fleischmann38PHI2500 Hits2395 Hits105 Hits
B. James32BNY2500 Hits2346 Hits154 Hits
M. Pizarro37PHI2500 Hits2342 Hits158 Hits
G. Cox38LAN2500 Hits2315 Hits185 Hits
E. Ferrant34DET2500 Hits2301 Hits199 Hits
T. Pogue36CHA2000 Hits1980 Hits20 Hits
Milestone HomerunsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
B. Daniels30ATL400 HR394 HR6 HR
A. Macias33COL400 HR385 HR15 HR
A. Cienfuegos37STL400 HR383 HR17 HR
D. Garica33PHI400 HR376 HR24 HR
A. Gonzalez37SEA400 HR374 HR26 HR
I. Lahey34CLE300 HR294 HR6 HR
B. James32BNY300 HR294 HR6 HR
C. Villanueva32BNY300 HR291 HR9 HR
E. Ferrant34DET300 HR287 HR13 HR
G. Cox38LAN300 HR285 HR15 HR
Milestone RunsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
M. Pizarro37PHI1500 Runs1495 Runs5 Runs
B. James32BNY1500 Runs1493 Runs7 Runs
U. Abrego37LAA1500 Runs1490 Runs10 Runs
C. Villanueva32BNY1500 Runs1453 Runs47 Runs
B. Brookes32CHA1500 Runs1436 Runs64 Runs
J. Bown33LAA1000 Runs992 Runs8 Runs
D. Wojciechowski32TBA1000 Runs987 Runs13 Runs
R. Sant34STL1000 Runs985 Runs15 Runs
E. Henriquez35BOS1000 Runs979 Runs21 Runs
W. Rivera35PHI1000 Runs973 Runs27 Runs
Milestone RBIAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
L. Victoria43MIN2000 RBI1975 RBI25 RBI
D. Senters38COL2000 RBI1957 RBI43 RBI
D. Pham32BNY1500 RBI1443 RBI57 RBI
J. Jobe35PHI1500 RBI1439 RBI61 RBI
A. Gonzalez37SEA1500 RBI1419 RBI81 RBI
J. Juzo37TEX1500 RBI1416 RBI84 RBI
B. Moss Jr.39 1500 RBI1407 RBI93 RBI
B. Montoya34STL1000 RBI990 RBI10 RBI
A. Kiefer33WSH1000 RBI988 RBI12 RBI
C. Wesley34ARI1000 RBI984 RBI16 RBI
Milestone Bases-on-BallsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
R. Fleischmann38PHI1500 BB1455 BB45 BB
D. Garica33PHI1500 BB1447 BB53 BB
O. Preas37WSH1000 BB981 BB19 BB
R. Sant34STL1000 BB946 BB54 BB
M. Pizarro37PHI1000 BB945 BB55 BB
F. Duffield38BOS1000 BB932 BB68 BB
J. Campfield36BOS1000 BB922 BB78 BB
B. Miller35PIT1000 BB903 BB97 BB
W. Rahm29DET500 BB495 BB5 BB
L. Wrigley27BOS500 BB494 BB6 BB
Milestone Stolen BasesAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
H. Azcarraga29MIN800 SB795 SB5 SB
C. Villanueva32BNY800 SB781 SB19 SB
J. Bown33LAA700 SB697 SB3 SB
C. Ordoņez36SDN600 SB595 SB5 SB
G. Rasmussen37CHA600 SB574 SB26 SB
D. Garica33PHI500 SB461 SB39 SB
P. Rosas37MIN500 SB460 SB40 SB
A. Tatro28CLE400 SB389 SB11 SB
N. Balch37OAK400 SB382 SB18 SB
B. Ramirez32CHN400 SB359 SB41 SB
Pitching Milestones
Milestone WinsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
M. Wiser34BNY200 Wins196 Wins4 Wins
G. Jones35STL200 Wins189 Wins11 Wins
F. Morales33SFN200 Wins189 Wins11 Wins
L. Feely36LAA200 Wins188 Wins12 Wins
W. Vassar37LAN200 Wins188 Wins12 Wins
M. Barnard37PHI200 Wins186 Wins14 Wins
F. Barrett33CIN150 Wins149 Wins1 Wins
C. Pasillas33ARI150 Wins147 Wins3 Wins
L. Yount33KCA150 Wins142 Wins8 Wins
R. Penney34LAN150 Wins142 Wins8 Wins
Milestone StrikeoutsAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
M. Peirce34TEX1500 K's1480 K's20 K's
W. Ardis34BNY1500 K's1462 K's38 K's
J. Cisneros35BNY1500 K's1445 K's55 K's
L. Ali33TBA1500 K's1363 K's137 K's
R. Chamberland33MIN1500 K's1358 K's142 K's
M. Wiser34BNY1500 K's1322 K's178 K's
F. Morales33SFN1500 K's1315 K's185 K's
Milestone SavesAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
T. Damm37DET400 Saves391 Saves9 Saves
H. Fort33CIN350 Saves338 Saves12 Saves
C. Alcantara33STL300 Saves282 Saves18 Saves
A. Bauer36CHN300 Saves281 Saves19 Saves
A. Burwell34FLO300 Saves272 Saves28 Saves
L. Perez29PHI250 Saves242 Saves8 Saves
B. Hammers33MIN200 Saves197 Saves3 Saves
J. Wiggins30SFN200 Saves194 Saves6 Saves
R. Carmouche35BNY200 Saves183 Saves17 Saves
E. Carballo30PIT200 Saves177 Saves23 Saves
Milestone GamesAgeTeamMilestoneCurrentMissing
A. Bauer36CHN900 Games879 Games21 Games
J. Park35CHA800 Games796 Games4 Games
B. Hidehira37NYN800 Games773 Games27 Games
A. Burwell34FLO700 Games697 Games3 Games
D. Letourneau35 700 Games680 Games20 Games
R. Carmouche35BNY700 Games664 Games36 Games
H. Townsend36FLO700 Games661 Games39 Games
J. Piņa35ARI600 Games599 Games1 Games
R. Figueroa38BNY600 Games592 Games8 Games
W. Barker35BNY600 Games590 Games10 Games

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