Brooklyn Salary Report
Thursday, 2/15/2077
Player Salaries:
NamePosSalaryThroughYears LeftNotesYears in Majors
D. Pham1B$32,000,00020826 years left12 years
C. VillanuevaCF$28,000,00020771 years leftFree agent after this season!14 years
L. WolfgramSP$17,000,00020804 years left10 years
B. JamesRF$16,000,00020826 years left12 years
M. WiserSP$9,000,00020804 years left14 years
J. Tsugiharu3B$6,500,00020771 years leftFree agent after this season!10 years
A. OrdoņezSP$6,500,00020793 years left1 years
R. JohnsonSS$6,000,00020793 years left8 years
R. VanbruntLF$6,000,00020793 years left11 years
W. BarkerMR$6,000,00020771 years leftFree agent after this season!11 years
R. RootC $5,500,00020793 years left11 years
M. JimenezC $5,500,00020782 years left9 years
T. FontanerSP$5,428,57120771 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $5,430,000), could become Free Agent with 132 more days of service this year.5 years
A. FortinSP$5,000,00020771 years leftFree agent after this season!11 years
D. Azar3B$4,500,00020793 years left9 years
R. CarmoucheCL$3,500,00020771 years leftFree agent after this season!12 years
T. ClarkMR$3,500,00020782 years left7 years
C. Sedillo3B$1,200,00020771 years leftFree agent after this season!15 years
H. HarwellMR$960,71420771 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $2,420,000)4 years
D. VivasRF$750,00020782 years left0 years
P. McGregorC $350,00020771 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $300,000)4 years
L. Devera2B$300,00020771 years leftPossible Arbitration, 143 more days of service needed this year.2 years
M. Hajime2B$300,00020771 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
D. RodasCL$300,00020771 years leftAutomatic Resign.0 years
G. MinMR$300,00020771 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
M. NeillSP$300,00020771 years leftAutomatic Resign.0 years
A. PradoLF$300,00020771 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
K. JamesMR$300,00020771 years leftPossible Arbitration, 158 more days of service needed this year.2 years
W. ShryockMR$300,00020771 years leftAutomatic Resign.0 years
R. Perri1B$300,00020771 years leftAutomatic Resign.0 years
M. Gonzalez3B$300,00020771 years leftAutomatic Resign.0 years
A. OlivasSS$300,00020771 years leftPossible Arbitration, 17 more days of service needed this year.2 years
C. DismukeMR$300,00020771 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
H. ReedLF$300,00020771 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
F. BirkholzMR$300,00020771 years leftAutomatic Resign.0 years
N. TrejoMRMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
R. AnwarMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
L. DominguesSPMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!1 years
K. BurgesSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
T. DurantMRMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
T. Amell1BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. Roldan1BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. JohnsonC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
G. DeanSSMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
K. RoweC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
S. DelauneSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
B. DavisMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. SechristC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
T. SpicerMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
S. Montaņez1BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. SharonLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. WalkerRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. RogersMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
A. ColucciSSMinor-League-Contract--0 years
T. DupuyCFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. HutzlerLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
T. Tester1BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. NelsonMRMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
J. BarnesCLMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. BolenLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. McJunkin3BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. FalconeLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
K. CunninghamSSMinor-League-Contract--0 years
T. ViersMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. BrandySSMinor-League-Contract--0 years
O. ArochaCLMinor-League-Contract--0 years
A. MorenoSSMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. ChuteC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
J. AntonMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. BorisRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. PerryC Minor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
H. CraigMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
C. Augustus2BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
B. WegnerSSMinor-League-Contract--0 years
B. Gatton2BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. Rice2BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
C. CastroRFMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
M. Worthington2BMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
N. BraffordMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
C. LarocheRFMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
Extensions signed:

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